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get excited im updating!!! [02|12|06 @ 11 AM]
[ mood | happy ]

so i havent done this in forever but i figured i would now.

 ummm stuff has actually sucked pretty bad lately. butttt it's winter and i can always expect my winter depression. we won't go into details of whats wrong since most of you know anyway! im just gonna let things happen however they happen and be happy as much as i can no matter what that may mean.

anyways. snowcoming has come and gone.

it was a lot of fun! after was fun too. people crack me up! everyone looked so darn cute! i'll post pics at the bottom i suppose. umm i have the bestest friends ever.

winter break is coming up and i am pumped! katie we gotta make it good like last year, plus i never see you anymore so we have to hang out :(


soccer conditioning started. i am surprisngly not that out of shape. i am actually kind of excited for the season to start. i have to take the girls into the pool before school one day and make them do shit in there. skip is so weird sometimes lol. speaking of soccer i have nooo clue when my game is today.

umm yea i dont know what else to put. but i am in a good mood and i feel like being productive so peace out :D


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and this is why i fail :D [01|17|06 @ 09 PM]
[ mood | crazy ]

Instead of studying like i reallly need to be I decided that I would update.
So yes. Finals are a bitch. I am being very careless about them this year which prob isn't a good thing but maybe just maybe it will turn out to be good cuz I wont be stressin so much..ha alright i can dream!

I am kind of excited for second semester to start, but at the same time i dont want it to come at all. I have this thing where I hate change and I know in like 4-5 months everything is going to change and I am going to hate it. I registered for the ACT today. It was weird. They asked me all this stuff about like careers and colleges and it freaked me out. They ask you for 4 colleges to send your results to and I couldn't think of more than 1. All i wanna do is go to MSU, but at the rate I am going this semester I won't be doing that :(

This week is going by really fast because we didn't have school monday.
No school friday either :D I love it.
Me Chels and Brad are gonna watch the cave after school on thursday! We've only been waiting for this since what novemeber lol? awwww i miss them. On friday I also think i am going to visit my sister!!! I'll go out there in the afternoon and then come home friday before romeo relays. holy crap i am missing both bball games this week :( something is wrong with me lol.

i am listening to the big n rich song and it reminds me of em's cabin. that was such a fun weekend. i wanna go back!!!
*that reminds me..britt when i was taking my nap this morning i was totally thinking about when we ran into the bushes and there was all the spiders in our boat lol.
aww i miss summer too. oh well at least i get to go buy a bathing suit soon.
i wonder when my game is this weekend. oh yea we killed another team, i played good, got some nasty turf burn on my knee though. gotta love soccer :D

i also need to go get a snowcoming dress. ahh i cant wait i love dancing!!! :P
i dont know why but life is good right now.
and i decided my fav sense of the 5 is smell. i love when thigns smell good!


assholioli [01|12|06 @ 05 PM]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Holy gosh,it is incredibly nice out. I dont like it one bit. It is supposed to be cold and snowy right now. I am just going to get upset now when it gets all cold an snowy again. Dont tempt me mother nature you whore! But at least now when it snows again we will be able to go sledding and snowboarding again :D

Speaking of snowww...SNOWCOMING is coming up pretty quick. I am actually pretty pumped for it :D Me and Ash are gonna look sweeeeet. We r buying hats to go with our dresses. Oh snap I love it. I can't wait now for some reason. I just want to dance. I love itttt.

Things are actually going reallly good right now. THeres just a few things/people that are getting to me a little bit but its ok..im over it. I am actually not stressing out to much over finals. I dont know whether thats a good or bad thing. I just can't believe that half of my JUNIOR year is already over. Thats absolutely insane! I have nooo clue what the hell I am going to do next year when I have nothin left after it. holy geez. ya know as much as everyone says they hate high schoool they will miss it.

anyway. umm ya i guess there really isnt anything else.
tomorrow should be a good day.
pretty much just reviewing in all my classes, bball game, and danielles bday!!! :)


i set my clocks early cuz ya know im always late [01|09|06 @ 06 PM]
[ mood | jubilant ]

holy sore.
we had our first indoor game last night.
i am sooo out of shape.
we killed them tho.
7-3 i scored one.
but ya i am so out of shape.
i could only run for like 2 mins and then i was totally dead.
i was like blacking out on the field. it sucked lol
b-dub's + phsyical activity=badddd idea.
gotta remember that one.

So me and Jill decided to start running after last night.
So we don't die at conditioning.
Which means I probably wont be getting back in the pool.
:/ I know im gonna get yelled at for that.

Laura started student teaching today!!
:D Me and Chels went to go visit her.
But she didnt see us lol
It was entertaining.

Monday=Date Night :D
I am feeling a 7-11 run before it.
Tomorrow I get to play fun after school then run again.
I should so all my homework again cuz I felt really good about myself when i did.
But my math is review and I dont remeber how to do any of that shit.
So Im basically screwed on my final lol.

I guess I'm done updating for now.

ps. go to hell uterus!!!


wellll [01|04|06 @ 11 PM]
[ mood | accomplished ]

First day back.
wasnt al too terrible.
and surprisngly i actually got all my english projects done..
and i read the majority of the book too!
i feel accomplished!!

ick there is water in my ear.
which reminds me of swimming
which reminds me that i should get my lazy ass back in the pool.
but then again..soccer starts soon anyway

um some things are goin pretty good :)
but at the same time im not all too sure.
why are things so confusing sometimes?

Just for the record me and amanda had a hilarious convo today.
spence it totally reminded me of you
i love my friends.
seriously they are great.

lincoln game friday, im pumped.
i got bets about this game man.
either way i win tho so its all good lol

timmy is cool 6-\0 9bgh0=soo soo cool
ang=gay go home gay


[01|02|06 @ 12 PM]
[ mood | stressed ]

well well well
new years eve sucked.
not surprised mine always do.

and this year def hasnt started any better.
actually its sucked pretty effin bad.
it better turn around soon cuz this blows.

oh and im smart and forgot my book im supposed to be read
and do four projects on before we go back.
just greaaaat.


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Oh good ole 2005 [12|31|05 @ 01 AM]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So I wont go into full detail. But I want to mention some of my most fav days of 2005...
*My Birthday
*Stews Birthday
*Prom Night
*Emilys Cabin
*The Last day of school
*BBall season in general (but ND game)
*Divisions (making states)
*Anchor Bay soccer game

holy fuck i cant believe this year is over. this is crazy
it has actually been a really good yer
i have become friends with a lot of people i didnt really expect.
i have changed a lot but am happy with who i am
well for the most part
i cant believe i only have a year left to make crazy memories of high school like i did this year
its sad
awww i loved this year.
shoot this sucks lol


damn it [12|30|05 @ 03 PM]
so i hate laguna beach
i just wacthed like 4 episodes.
and basically cried at all of them.
im pathetic lol
but it makes me miss stuff.
and get really scared to ever have to say goodbye.
i hate being a girl lol

errr [12|29|05 @ 09 PM]
well i am typing this basically blind.
i cant fucking see anything out of my eyes.
i have to be literally an inch from the screen to read it.
my eyes are "severly inflamed"
fucking allergies or something plus my contacts.
sooo i get to look like a queerass for 5 days and wear my glasses.
which means i get to look like shit on new years!
effing yay!!!!!!

ugh and another thing.
i dont like whne people lie to me.
not so much as lie
but just think i dont know when something is happeneing
im not stupid i have my ways of figuring stuff out!!!


im hungryyy [12|28|05 @ 01 PM]
well helloooo
so break has been pretty darn good.
caponi christmas was good times.
i love pajamas!
my grammy is so damn cute.
i miss my cousins like its my job.

regular christmas was fun too.
i actually like my cousins fiance
i didnt think i would...none of us did
but we all do now yay!
umm i got lots of fun stuff for christmas..
*A shower radio
*(MY SHARPIES *i feel like you em!)
*The Longest Yard
*andd a bunch of other little stuff
*Oh and dig cam printer.

Yea this was gonna be a long update but i got sidetracked sooo...thats it.

oh yay! [12|23|05 @ 02 PM]
[ mood | happy ]

so its finally starting to feel a little christmasy to me! :D
I have Caponi side christmas at my house today.
All the boyfriends/girlfriends of the cousins are comin too.
that means ricooo!

last night was mucho fun.
i went to stews with anthony and jill.
of course my darling liz was there too.
it was good fun.
i had to go pick my mom up from kyles and she smelled like taco bell.
we laughed about that for a while.
me and liz are gonna become millionares from our t-shirt design.
it's going to say "save the envirnment, recycle air...lets make out"
hahahaha ud have to be there.

im in the best mood ever right now.
im actually helping my mom willingly too.
oh man this is weird.
k gonna go be happy somewhere else :D :D
i <333 all of youuuu
comments are always a plus.

ashfh [12|21|05 @ 07 PM]
[ mood | gloomy ]

ugh terrible ass mood.
feel like crying :(
i just realized it but last year starting fromabout june 2004 to prob about june 2005 was the best year of my life.
i really miss it.
that summer was awesome.
and even the school year too.
all my breaks were fun too.

i also realized this break will prob suck.
caponi christmas is going to be sooo short!
which pisses me off cuz i NEVER get to see them all.
and i love seeing my cousins.
also new years is going to blow,
i dont have plans and i wont have anyone to kiss at midnight.


and so help me god if i get ditched tonight ill be pissed.
actually i kinda just want to snuggle in my bed and watch movies and cry.
a boy would be nice to have here.
but too bad that just cant happen cuz everything SUCKS!

suck it u bitches who dont like reading emo entries. ill kill you.


time to whitstle at her [12|21|05 @ 02 PM]
[ mood | aggravated ]

OH boy it feels greeat to be on break.
So far its goin great....

Ang came home yesterday and within about 20 mins we got in a big fight.
It was hilarious though. I owned her lol
Then within the next 5 mins we were dancing retardly.
I love how we fight and a sec later get along.
So anyway...
I went to the game last night.
After me Dayna and Cj went to eat.
It was sooo funny.
Me and Dayna were quoting Real World and laughing uncontrolably.
Oh good times.
Came home hung out with Ang and Sean and slepttt

Today I went to the mall with Katie and Brittany.
It was funny.
I love the way they just fight the whole time.
Katie smacked Brittany in the face with her bag and it cut Brittanys forehead.
She britt kicked her and I just dropped to the floor in the middle of the hall and laughed.

Errr my mom is so aggravating.
Seriously I cant get along with her.
I cant have a convo with her without her just yelling.
I hate it.
I hate having Christmas here with Dads side because mom gets all crazy
Seriously no one is going to care what the hosue looks like.
Its gonna become a mess within 2 seconds.
Does she honetly not realize that.
Ugh so annoyed.

Going to clean my room and nap probably. I need to get out of this house tonight!


:D [12|18|05 @ 10 PM]
[ mood | exhausted ]

this was a good weekend, im happy. and there is only 2 days left til break :)
i hung out with lots of people who i have missed dearly.
it was nice.
snowboarding was fun today.
too bad the rest of the dumb butts didnt come with us.
watching brad fly off the jumps was fun enough.
aww and the nutcracker was super cute.
the girls did awesome.
umm i guess thats all.
cant wait for break and to hang out with everyone
:) and ang comes home in 2 days :)


[12|14|05 @ 10 PM]
[ mood | hyper ]

weirdly good mood right nwo i really wish you guys coudl see how fats I am typing this because I am rreally liek spazzy hyper and i am really cold so i keep getting all like tense from my immense shivers!!!!! :) i am excited for friday and sunday. ahhh i just remebred why i cant go snowbaording on sunday! i have to go see the nutcracker!!! ahhhhh. yay iam really excited for it. wahoo.


ugh [12|13|05 @ 10 PM]
so tonight went from good...to bad...to terrible.
idk what happened but i really dont like it.
:( :/
god i hate being in moods like this.

:( [12|12|05 @ 08 PM]
[ mood | confused ]

Today is just not the best day.
Not only is it Brents anniversry
but it's my Nunnu's too.
I miss him sooo much. and my Nunna too.
Christmas was the best time to be around my Nunnu.
He was just so happy, gosh i can't believe its been this long...
I hate having to lose people.

Anyway schools blows.
Our huge ass physics project thats worth like half our grade..
It doesnt even like work and its due friday.
My parents are going to hate me forever.

Uhh...i guess thats it.
I miss my friends.
I feel separated from a lot of people.
I wish things were different.


i so just had half this tped and accidnelty closed it [12|10|05 @ 04 PM]
[ mood | crappy ]

so i just re-burned a cd from my cousin.
it totallly reminds me of last winter break.
that was prob the best break of my life.
i miss it :(
we seriously has so much fun
i miss hanging out with those people all the time.
that was when our lives revovled around when going bowling was the cheapest.

anyways...yesterday was ok.
school sucked of course.
went to the boys titan relays after.
it was fun.
i got to see craig, adam, and renee which was awesome.
i love adam and renees mom! shes so cute lol
there was some fine ass there too i wont lie.
by the end i was sooo tired and my feet hurtt.

stright from there i went to the bball game.
it was such a good game.
i remember how much i love bball season now.
i get sooo excited.
we lost but the boys did awesome still.

after me jill and manda went over to stewbs
and ended up goin to bradlys with the world.
i didnt have very much fun there.
i was annoyed and tired.
i just kinda had a lot on my mind i guess.
came home ate some chips and went to sleeeep.

today i woke up and my cousin came over.
we went on a visit.
i missed those kids theyre soo funny.
i cant wait to go snowboarding.
met up with kel at the mall.
got all my shoppin done for ash :)
still got a lot to do.

not to sure what im doin tonight. i guess ill figure it out later. sledding maybe?


boooored [12|07|05 @ 09 PM]
[ mood | happy ]

Um nothing new really...lifes boring. im gonna fail physics becaus eme boomer and kyle havent done jackshit on our rube goldberg thign which is a huge part of our grade. uhh nothing else really??
I think me and my cousin Maria are gonna go snowboarding this weekend which will be hilarious because shes never gone before. She'll prob cry and ill prob wanna kill her but it will be hilarious either way!

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sure [12|04|05 @ 10 PM]
[ mood | crappy ]

alright i guess ill do this.

um stuff lately has been ok.
swim is offically officially over. all banquets r done.
we cleaned house at all-county banquet.
it was like the wwt show.

other than that shits kinda sucked.
these past 2 weeks have been kinda eh.
stuff hasn't gone my way.
my grades r slippin.

at least yesterday was good.
i hung out with ash.
havent spent time with her in a while it was nice.
saw rent...i liked it a lot.

christmas is coming up quick.
i have like no shopping done.
its comin too fast.
it still doesnt feel christimasy..

im getting fed up with some people.
i am starting to see somethin about them i dont like.
it bothers me.
dont ask i wont tell.

friday is either gonna be good..
or really bad.
at least ill get to see adam.

i should go to sleep.
i cleaned my room.
roy needs his room to be cleaned.
then its stinas custody time



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